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The EU and Third Countries: Direct Taxation

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This book is the outcome of a conference on the tax issues of the relations between file European Union and third countries, held at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration on 13-15 October 2006, which proved how popular European tax law has become not only within the borders of the European Union, but also in the most different areas from the world. Читать далее...

1. General Part
2. National Reports from EU Member States
3. National Reports from non-EU Member States
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Введение к национальному докладу от России (Д.В. Винницкий)
The globalization of modern life is promoting the integration processes which are taking place in different parts of the world. The development of European law definitely gives us some convincing examples of this general tendency. However, the key to successful integration in the form of a common market and an effective economic policy is the building of an integrated system of law that not only interacts with the domestic law of Member States but is also built into the system of international law. См. подробнее...

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