Eurasian Research Centre for Comparative and International Tax Law

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Activities of the Centre

About Centre

Main activities conducted by the Centre are:

  • preparing materials containing comparative analysis of national legislation and international treaties;

  • preparing expert  reports on requests of governmental bodies and international organizations concened;

  • preparing drafts of normative acts and memorandums, complex expertise of concepts, programs and other documments;

  • establishing  scientific contacts between researches and experts in field of fiscal law of states;

  • preparing academic studies (articles, collected articles) and translation of publications of foreign authors;

  • arranging reaserch meetings and conferencing, round tables, seminars and other academic events;

  • keeping archives of academic works on the problemes of EurAsEC law / Customs Union Law / Single Economic Area Law and assistance in coordination of topics for academic researches;

  • preparing by requests of business concerned memorandums on fiscal and tax legislation and practice of international treaties application, including international taxation agreements.

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